Hot Gravel Eskimos

“Hot Gravel Eskimos”, the top-class eight-piece band from Milan lead by one of the most representative “hot jazz” specialist in Italy, multiinstrumentalist Mauro L. Porro, relives the pleasure of Classic Jazz tradition through exhilarating live performances of a musical repertoire focused on the original “Swing” music from the 1930’s and the beginning of the 1940’s.
For this to happen, the band performs with vintage musical instruments and bandstand instrumentation, with ad-hoc orchestrations based on precise musical transcriptions from its members’ own shellac libraries, as well as an immaculate stage presence recalling the thrill of the splendid “Swing Era”.
Marcella Malacrida – voce
Pasquale Gravela – trumpet
Lorenzo Baldasso – sax contralto, clarinetto, voce
Davide Vincenzi – sax tenore, clarinetto, voce
Mauro L. Porro – pianoforte, sax soprano, cornetta, voce, bandleader
Yuri Biscaro – chitarra
Marco Rottoli – contrabbasso
Paolo A. Vanzulli – batteria, percussioni