Dixie Blue Browers 6tet

A tribute to all the “Hot Jazz” music of the 1920s in its various styles (Dixieland, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, etc …), the line-up of the “Dixie Blue Blowers” consists of 4, 5 and/or 6 elements combined upon each occasion, that includes the following instruments: trumpet, sax, clarinet, banjo, bass tuba and drums; their brilliant performance of well-known and lesser-known pieces from the golden age of jazz takes place both through free improvisation and through meticulous transcriptions from 78 rpm records!

Mauro L. Porro – cornet, soprano sax, vocal
Davide Vincenzi – clarinet, alto sax
Giorgio Gallina – trombone, vocal
Paolo Dellino – banjo, guitar
Paolo A. Vanzulli – recording bell tuba
Fabrizio Carriero – vintage traps